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CONTINUUM is a team of workers with high professional performance and experience in accounting, finance, auditing and tax services digitally.

We know that the advisors must fulfill a fundamental role with the Administration, contributing innovative ideas with a proactive participation, as a complementary means to achieve the fulfillment of the objectives proposed by the Administration, demonstrating a true added value in the services provided.

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Our business has developed as Grupo JLC since 2013 as a natural person, as the market is extremely competitive, we took steps to position Continuum at the top of digital consulting in the field of accounting, finance, taxes, business and strategic management, this step represents a symbol of Continue and not look back.

Why choose us?


Continuum is a company dedicated to supporting the business management of SMEs. The workers of our team have a high professional performance working for many years in accounting, auditing, tax and financial services.


Continuum is going to lead the digital consulting market, we want to turn your ideas into viable projects and generate employment.

Corporate values

Ethics, innovation, quality, social responsibility, transparency, truth.

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The accounting of your venture or business is important

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